What is e-DAPT?

What is e-DAPT?

Smart Card


E-DAPT (Electronic Data and Payment Technologies) is an integrated combined data and payment system that has been carefully designed to address the current challenges facing emerging economies with respect to financial inclusion, identifying the banking population securely and providing valuable data/payment statistical trend reporting.


The system is scalable and provides a multipurpose platform for up to 125 different financial/non-financial participants. E-DAPT can benefit emerging economies by providing a secure data and payment back-end system with a set of modules including but not limited to inter-bank switching, settlement and clearing as well as statistical financial and data trend MIS reporting.


The system boasts a secure “KYC” Registration, Biometric Enrolment and Smart Card/Virtual Account Issuing carried out with both fixed and portable registration work stations.


State-of-the-art security has been applied across all facets of the entire system, coupled with a suite of financial and non-financial applications, products and services that are accessed with transacting tools such as portable smart cards that host the physical smart card account e-wallets and mobile phones accessing their secure e-virtual accounts via a MNO participating in the system.


A key feature is the ability of the E-DAPT smart card to perform OFFLINE and ONLINE transaction processing depending on the nature of the transaction requested. This enables participants of the system with a unique opportunity of tapping into the underbanked and unbanked population groups across urban, semi-rural and deep rural environments with their sales of financial services and products.

Method of Identification


  • Using the portable smart card account, the client’s method of identification and authentication is biometric fingerprint performed from the card offline real time.

  • Transaction processing from mobile phone users is performed online real time to the relevant MNO using their own secure PIN methodologies. Thereafter, the transaction is routed to the E-DAPT System Host for value processing against the e-virtual account.

  • Cash-Ins and Cash-Outs performed at any E-DAPT POS or ATM device, from an E-DAPT e-virtual account, will require an online biometric verification to be performed successfully by the client.


Once deployed in a country, E-DAPT users can access products and services using the following infrastructure:-

  • At any E-DAPT compliant and/or hybrid POS Devices (Branchless Banking) deployed across bank branches, community banks, micro-financiers, merchants (rural and urban), restaurants, health care facilities, agricultural co-operatives, agents, service providers, transportation services etc.

  • Via the E-DAPT participating Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO) existing phone payment/transfers functionality as well as cash-in and cash-out services offered on the E-DAPT POS Devices..

  • At any E-DAPT compliant and/or hybrid ATM deployed with biometric capability.
Key Features of the Technology


Key Features of e-dapt

  1. Unique, secure Financial Settlement, Switching, Clearing and Smart Card Solutions System.

  2. Transacting tools in the form of a smart card account with three (3) different wallets and a mobile virtual back-end account.

  3. Front-end POS Device and ATM software can co-exist with other 3rd Party Applications.

  4. Provides OFFLINE and ONLINE transaction processing across urban, semi urban, rural and deep rural environments.

  5. Manages and processes the flow of funds in the form of smart card transaction values or mobile interbank transactions between the banks and service providers.

  6. A system that offers interbank transaction processing facility for mobile virtual accounts coupled with detailed transaction reporting for Central Bank, and secure biometric verification for cash-ins, cash-outs and airtime purchases for MNOs.

  7. Processes and provides a daily EFT file in respect of the smart card transaction net off values to the RTGS System in a country.

  8. Secure “KYC” registration facility that manages client data capturing, biometric fingerprint and facial image capturing for storing onto client smart cards, the E-DAPT Payment Server and Central Data Sharing Facility.

  9. A system that can effectively enable a country to bring all the cash trading in the streets back into the community banks and the country’s monetary system.

  10. A system that provides a unique BANK IDENTITY CODE (or MEDICAL PATIENT ID or FARMER ID) to smart card and/or mobile virtual account users.

  11. A system that offers a secure distribution of payments across urban, semi-rural and deep rural environments for either OFFLINE or ONLINE electronic funds loading and spending, in the form of:
    • - Government and Employer Salary/Wage Payments
    • - War Veteran Payments
    • - War Victim Grant Payments
    • - Social Grant Payments
    • - Government and Employer Pension Payments
    • - Refugee Grants
    • - Electronic Food Grants
    • - Military and Police Salary/Wages
    • - Subsistence Farmer Yields

  12. Provides statistical information on the banked population status of the country, identifying their population status as either citizens or non-citizens.

  13. A Bank Identity System that can perform “a one to selected common data” biometric Search at the time of registration in order to prevent a person from being in the Central Database more than once.

  14. A system that includes a separate Secure Central Data Server named the SECURE “KYC” CENTRAL DATA SERVER FOR QUERY & STORAGE of the banked populations’ personal data, facial images and fingerprint images/templates with daily updating.

  15. Unique smart card that carries the country’s tailor made data requirements i.e. personal, legal, medical, banking etc on the card, which can be presented using client biometric authentication to approved service providers.

  16. A system that can provide biographical and biometric information to Governments and Service Providers to enable them to achieve the positive identification of all their banked citizens and non-citizens which can assist in formulating their socio-economic development projects.

  17. A system that offers applications for Government Procurement Departments and Corporate Companies to manage their 3rd Party Bill payments to 3rd Party Service Providers with biometric verification and detailed reporting on all payments made and by whom.

  18. “KYC” (know your customer) Registration System with EDIT facilities that can be tailor made to offer financial service products such as insurance to clients at the time of registration.

  19. A System offering various methodologies for automatic and manual deductions in respect of monthly repayments/premiums performed via either the back-end or front-end system.

  20. A System that makes use of state-of-the-art security across all facets of the entire system.

  21. A System that offers a SLIDING FEE MODULE whereby fees are levied according to the income categories such as low, medium and high income groups.

  22. A System that can assist emerging economies in advancing with unique, innovative technological solutions that make business sense and can be shared by government departments, the banking sector, the corporate and private sector and the people by offering solutions that can help towards reducing unnecessary costs, creating new areas of opportunity, job creation as well as uplift the degree of prosperity across a nation.


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